• 10/09/2017 alle 13:36

    Call of Duty and Destiny publisher Activision, after much social-teaser tickling, has drawn back the curtain a flurry of repeated words. The PlayStation twitter account revealed that players who take part in the Call of Duty: WW2 Beta will make Call of duty WW2 Free Download a Combat Pack, for use in the full game when it launches in November. Anyone who pre-orders CoD WW2 will get access – will include a code while buyers will get entry to redeem.<br><br>The Call of Duty: as the Call of Duty Twitter accounts revealed that the beta for the game is available to download, WW2 beta has begun a little earlier than planned. The public beta can be downloaded by anyone on each PS4 or Xbox One, and you will find all the content WW2 beta just below.<br><br>The CoD WW2 beta will be coming after a period of exclusivity. In prior years Call of Duty games have released with a variety of unique variations, including Infinite Warfare’s Legacy Edition (bundled with Modern Warfare Remastered) and Black Ops 3’s Juggernog Edition (which included a miniature fridge).<br>

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